About Us

Wallpapers.com is one of the oldest wallpaper sites on the net. Since its inception in the late 90s it has evolved in many ways. Today, Wallpapers.com is the premiere destination for wallpaper related content, offered for free through an ad-supported model. In addition to static wallpaper images, we also offer unique solutions, such as our Animated Wallpaper or Wallery that lets you enjoy our content (or your own) in different ways.

Wallpapers.com was newly re-designed in 2008 from the ground up to provide you with easier access to our ever increasing catalog of quality content. The implemented changes range from the obvious aesthetic ones (such as the new logo, general site design and layout, and navigation) to added features (such as the ability to search the content, commenting, and rating) to the more subtle (like color coded content, added help section, and display of current screen resolution).

With the re-design, we've have also put effort into ensuring that, structurally speaking, content and presentation live separately, which has a number of benefits. In turn, Wallpapers.com now validates according to W3C Standards.

In addition, we follow Guideline 2 of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0), which in essence translates to improved accessibility for navigating our site.

In all, we hope it will help you better enjoy Wallpapers.com and the content we offer.


InstallIQ is a custom developed installation application that Wallpapers.com utilizes to manage the installation of your chosen product and makes setup as easy as possible. We value our users and their privacy highly and have gone the extra lengths to protect it. Hence, our custom installer (InstallIQ), used by our Animated Wallpaper and Wallery content has been TRUSTe certified.

Wallpaper Types

Wallpapers.com features 3 different types of wallpapers:

Animated wallpaper has motion like a screensaver

Static wallpaper is standard wallpaper. The image does not move.

"Wallery" is a special product that will rotate through multiple static wallpapers.