Biker #2

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Sports Biking Static-Wallpaper





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Wallpaper Description:

Aerodynamic and sleek, this biker in full racing gear is so casual he makes it look easy.

How It Works:

When your installation is complete, go to your Control Panel. Then choose Personalization. Click on Desktop Background. Find the section that says Wallpapers by or find the wallpaper that you just downloaded and choose it. Make sure to save your changes and then you can close the window. Anytime you would like to change your desktop wallpaper, just follow these steps again.

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Wallpaper Types features 3 different types of wallpapers:

Animated wallpaper has motion like a screensaver

Static wallpaper is standard wallpaper. The image does not move.

"Wallery" is a special product that will rotate through multiple static wallpapers.

W3i, LLC Biker #2
Aerodynamic and sleek, this biker in full racing gear is so casual he makes it look easy.
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