Gooseberry Falls Wallpaper static wallpaper

Turn your desktop into magnificent cascading falls.

Featured Wallpaper

A brilliant blue sky and puffy white clouds are vividly reflected in this winding waterway.

Wallpaper Types features 3 different types of wallpapers:

Animated wallpaper has motion like a screensaver

Static wallpaper is standard wallpaper. The image does not move.

"Wallery" is a special product that will rotate through multiple static wallpapers.

Wallery wallpaper

City lights can't compete with this brilliant white firework display as it bursts through a sea of midnight blue.

Static wallpaper

A midnight garden blooms in frosty moonlight drawing buds and vines from the depths of the water garden.

Static wallpaper

Does a walk along the river, the scent of cherry blossoms warm your heart?

static wallpaper

Watch the beauty of the butterfly enhance your screen.

static wallpaper

Enjoy a sense of peacefulness, with the cross on the mountain, as we know, is a symbol of God's love to his people.

static wallpaper

Let the magic of rainbows, the fragrance of pines and a majestic mountain range captivate you.