Living Waterfalls #1 Animated Wallpaper animated wallpaper

Relax in the mist of a cascading waterfall with this free animated wallpaper!

Featured Wallpaper

Turn your screen into an amazing 3D aquarium.

Wallpaper Types features 3 different types of wallpapers:

Animated wallpaper has motion like a screensaver

Static wallpaper is standard wallpaper. The image does not move.

"Wallery" is a special product that will rotate through multiple static wallpapers.

Wallery wallpaper

Watch while snow falls on a quaint stone cottage in the woods and birds fly around in the twilight.

Animated wallpaper

Catch a ride with one of these playful 3D dolphins

Wallery wallpaper

Relax and smell the captivating array of blue, purple and pink perennials on your desktop.

wallery wallpaper

Bring the tranquility of a tropical sunset on the beach to your desktop for free.

Wallery (slide show) wallpaper

Turn you desktop into a photo gallery of captivating water scenes.

Wallery (slide show) wallpaper

Hidden in the grass, this animated puppy is so sweet.